Remote Deposit System Guidelines

Georgia Institute of Technology Remote Deposit System Operating Guidelines As of May 20, 2014


PC Security

  • Scanners must only be connected to Institute PCs.
  • A system administer will be needed to install the appropriate drivers for the scanner.

Document Security

  • All scanned checks must be maintained in a secure manner (locked with limited access to only authorized individuals), bundled by deposit.  It is preferable that the deposits be maintained in one of two pendi-flex style folder that can track which day of the month the deposits were scanned into the system.
    • One folder for the current active month
    • One folder for the previous full month

Daily Processes

  • Each afternoon, but no later than 6:30pm, each remote deposit scanner user with checks needing to be deposited will log into the Bank of America (BofA) CashPro system and process their checks utilizing their unique user ID and password.
    (In order to process checks, each user must know the total amount of checks within each unique deposit.  Therefore, a total of the checks for deposit must be calculated prior to logging into the banking software.)
  • Scanned checks are bundled with a rubber band and are filed by deposit date in the a folder or storage system that will allow for organized access should a check need to be rescanned, or redeposit in the event of transmission error or NSF returns.

Monthly processes

  • On the 15th of each month, the checks for the previous full (30/31/28 days) month will be removed from the folder or storage system and shredded or placed in the secured shredder box.